About us

Swiss event locations is a Swiss company dedicated to the rental of unique and exclusive event venues in Switzerland.

Our versatile buildings can be used for all types of events: product launches, cocktails and gala dinners with shows, team building activities, conferences.

We are not only experts in the rental of venues, but we are also specialized in the organization of events. Indeed, thanks to our partners planitswiss, imavox and Swiss event rentals we offer a complete service for the creation of the event of your dreams. Our event venues can be rented alone or with our event project management services.

We work with our clients in a proactive and transparent manner, which are the core values of our service philosophy. Thanks to our multicultural team, speaking eight different languages, we can best adapt to the wishes and desires of our customers. Swiss event locations is committed to providing a quality service based on trust.

We plan to expand in Switzerland and abroad. Therefore, in the event that you are in possession of a single property that we may administer, we invite you to contact us.