Our partners

Our exclusive partners at our Belmont location provide an exceptional service for all types of occasions. They will be able to fulfil your desires with an abundance of choice from a simple to a unique experience. 


Between traditional and modern, Conte-Goûts, being one of our preferred partners, invites you to share a moment of conviviality and creativity. They will completely turn your senses upside down. In the style of our childhood fairy tales, each of their courses begins with “Once upon a time...” and you will experience an unforgettable dining experience.



The catering service from the Auberge de l'Etoile reflects the style of cooking served at the restaurant: a seasonal cuisine, simple, exquisite and utilizing local ingredients.



Purity, luxury and delights. RSH is a unique catering service lead by two talented chefs who have each had 10 years of experience in the 3* restaurant of Philippe Rochat. They perpetuate the respect of the flavours and product quality in order to serve dishes of excellence during every event.


La Maison Manuel is renowned for its cocktail receptions and meals that always meet customers`expectations. You wish to celebrate a wedding, organize a gala dinner, or an event for your company? They can excede all your needs.


Mets Plaisir is at your disposal to cater with high cooking experience and a professional team during exhibitions, congresses, seminars, cocktails, private events or gala dinners.


imavox SA is a multimedia company that  coordinates and manages all of our technical needs. Their area of expertise encompasses all aspects of multimedia including lighting and sound effects, video creation and website configuration. 

planitswiss SARL is a corporate service company which specialises in project management. We proudly use this company’s international services to ensure the smooth running of all events which take place on-site. Alongside project management planitswiss offers a wide range of services from a limousine service to personnel services. 

We are the proud partners of the NGO MyClimate. All events held on our locations compensate for the CO2 emissions created during events. This includes emissions from any multimedia equipment such as lighting or from transport and other activities such as cooking.



We are pleased to work with our new partner Swiss Event Rentals  for any furniture or decoration rental !